Sue’s Birthday, 30 Muscle Ups

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We celebrated Sue’s birthday with a personal workout all for herself. 30 Muscle Ups. She didn’t think she could do it in the beginning and surprised herself thoroughly 🙂 Everybody was excited and cheered her on to number 30! A great accomplishment Sue. Sue has a particularly interesting muscle up technique. Her left arm will always get over the rings … Read More

Hand Care Tips

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Here are some hand care tips from our friends at CrossFit Eastside in Redmond: Hand maintenance Because the question of how to deal with hand callusing has been reoccurring lately, it is time to address it here. We are not promoting manicures. We are promoting maintenance to your hands, so that you can continue to be successful with your training–not … Read More

Coming and Going

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While in Chico last weekend, I sat in my car eating an avocado and leftover chicken. I was struck by the “one stop shopping” that our modern stores provide: on the left side, people buy the food that eventually sickens them. Then, they have to visit the right side of of the store to buy drugs to deal with the … Read More

“My Quads Are Sore!!”

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We are power biased. Meaning, we like to see routines that incorporate explosive movements that require maximal or near maximal contractions with a quickness. How many rounds in 20 minutes? 4 lateral plyo push ups 6 Pull Ups to Sternum or higher 8 Broad Jumps, 90% to max distance Rest if explosiveness and max distance starts to drop too much