Highland Games in Alaska

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CrossFit Portland athlete Jim McIntyre reports from Alaska: The Highland games kinda sucked until I got through all the “skill” events. I was one of only 4 (out of 16) guys to turn a huge caber, and I did it twice. It was the biggest I had turned at 19′ 7″. Then was the farmers walk. The implements were as … Read More

Travis 1-Week Update

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If you haven’t already, checkout Travis’s “Buffy Factory” Diary. It’s been 1-week and you should see the results! Most of it is water weight leaving the body after coming off the inflammatory agents in processed starchy foods. Nonetheless, it shows the extra weight most of us carry around on a high-carb diet and how readily our bodies want to get … Read More

Final Workouts And We Moved!

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Friday and Saturday were two special last workouts at the old location (I’m already calling it old) in the SE. Both had an element of anticipation for the unknown. Anticipation is how Scott, Rochelle, and I all feel about the new gym and we wanted to share our excitement with you 🙂 Friday, Load the truck with your thruster dumbbells … Read More

Travis’s “Buff Factory” Diary

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Have you noticed the little picture of Travis over on the announcements and events column of our blog? Travis has seen his abilities, strength, and stamina all increase at CrossFit Portland. He has also reduced his body mass 15+ lbs. We haven’t tweaked his diet until now. Travis is transitioning into a more natural, paleo diet and he has agreed … Read More