The Carrying Combo

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Here is a nasty carrying combo. 6 hang power snatches, carry 100′. 6 cleans, carry 100′. 6 deadlifts, 100′ farmer’s walk. How many rounds in 10 minutes? Check out a random passerby asking me a question about the safety of the squat…. not much of an answer, as I was trying to coach and film. Hopefully the myth that squats … Read More


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Congratulations to Jacob Neiffer for reaching the benchmark of a 500 lb deadlift! Watch out for this guy in future CrossFit Total meets….

Wait For It…

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To maximize efficiency while rowing, every stroke should be looked as a distinct repetition to be done with correct alignment and position. Sometimes we need to slow down on the rower, focus on technique, in order to get farther and faster. Evening Workout: Backsquat 3 x 5 500 M Row, glide and minimize stroke count twisting mountain climbers jump squats … Read More