Small Victories

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In preparation for the O-Lift cert, we got some sweet Pendlay bars and plates recently. We put our new toys to good use Friday evening! 15 Rounds 5 Thrusters 65/95 3 Broad Jumps 1 Floor L-Sit or 5 L-Sit toe drags

Tabata With A Little Spice

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The almighty Tabatta interval, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat 7-8 times. While traditional “cardio” work can improve your aerobic capacity (and shave away strength and explosiveness over time), it does virtually nothing for your anaerobic capacity. Through interval training, like Tabata intervals, you get aerobic and anaerobic benefits during the same workout. Created and … Read More

CrossFit Portland On National TV

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Did you catch it? CrossFit Portland was featured on the “Better” show and Better TV today! Thanks to everyone who made it to the taping of the class and check it out online here. Wasn’t Rochelle great?!? I couldn’t help but browse through some of the other fitness videos on Better TV. This one video called “Maximize Your Workout” is … Read More


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Heavy weights overhead and hard pulls on the rower. First timers Janel and Graham improved their rowing technique very much during the Fundamentals class! Press – 3 heavy sets and go for 1 rep max Skills practice with muscle ups, handstands, frogstands, etc. Row 250 M x 5 at 5 different drag factors. Count how many strokes it takes to … Read More