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After the “Smack” special last night, we wanted to move away from anything overhead for a bit. Most notable achievement of the night: A good picture of our recent new member Jay! We warmed up with 3 rounds of FlowFit, a calisthenics sequence that never fails to get your joints and muscles ready for what’s to come. 2 Rounds 5 … Read More


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Steve wasn’t going to miss his CrossFit Portland birthday gift again and he was in attendance for the special occasion tonight. We named the WOD “Smack” and there were two versions. The morning crew received: 4 Rounds 36 OHS 36 Arch Rocks 36 Hollow Ups Total of 432 reps, 1 for each month since Steve was born. The night crew … Read More

Happy Birthday Steve…but no Steve???

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I found out that Steve’s special lady friend planned a special dinner for him tonight so I’m putting the “Smack” birthday workout back in the holster for now. Tonight, we did the following: 200M, 25 walking pushups, 5 squat jumps (focus on quality of contraction on these) 400M, 20 walking pushups, 4 squat jumps 800M, 15 walking pushups, 3 squat … Read More

CrossFit in Muscle & Fitness

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If you haven’t seen it or heard about it, CrossFit made a big splash in the April issue of Muscle & Fitness. Here is the video production of the main attraction, the “Filthy 50” workout. Hmmm…we haven’t touched this WOD in quite a while now…