Muscle Up – Who’s next?

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Exciting news for Anton and Garry last week as they got their first muscle ups. Great job guys! Who’s next? My guess is a lady will be taking on the challenge…

What We Do, Fun To Do

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Working out can be challenging, fun, and done with others in a community. Or, it can be predictable, unstimulating, and just another borefest at the gym where you wander from one exercise to the next, pushing out the repititions with the same mental attention and engagement as driving down the highway. We think the fun, challenging community just makes more … Read More

Running, and the Windmill Complex Returns….

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The Wednesday night main event was the handicapped mile. We ran a mile the previous week, and recorded everyone’s times. This week, everyone started in reverse order, handicapped by their times from the week before. Everyone finishes at the same time, plus or minus any improvement! The finish was pretty hectic. Congrats on some nice times! We followed this with … Read More

Cabbage and Bacon

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Here is a simple and inexpensive way to get a good dose of vegetables into a meal. It’s really tasty, as well! Buy a head of cabbage, and a slice or two of bacon. Choose bacon without nitrates. Bacon ends work well for this recipe. You’ll save going with the bacon ends – it’s just bacon that couldn’t be cut … Read More