Moving More Freely

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This is definitely a self-congratulatory post but I am so excited I have to share. When I started CrossFit 8 months ago, I was pretty strong but absolutely immobile in my spine. My back arch had about as much curve as the Hawthorne bridge. After working with Scott on mobility exercises, foam rolling, and general CrossFit strengthening, my bridge actually … Read More

Getting up at 7am

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Michele, Cory, and Tim were challenged Friday morning with a “supply and demand” workout. Descending number of DB snatches coupled with increasing number of sit ups. Instead of a cup of coffee, we learned rope climbs. Cory showing off the one arm, no feet rope climb.

Hi Helen

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At the 11 am class today, Helen was in the house. “Helen” is an original CrossFit workout – 3 Rounds of 400 M Run, 21 KB swings, 12 Pull Ups. Simple, sweet, and challenging. Toni and Katie rocking the swings and pull ups!

Shoulder Progress

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We’re certainly not going to ignore it from here on out, but shoulder flexibility month is over. Think about how your shoulders felt when doing PVC pipe overhead squats at the start of the month. Have you achieved a narrower grip? A little birdie told me that the Elements class tonight at 6:00pm will put some of that shoulder flexibility … Read More