Friday 2/15/08

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Sprint intervals today. Here, arms are blurred during a warm-up drill. 16 rounds: 20m sprint, ballistic exercise x 5, 20m sprint. Rest while your partner does the same. First 4 rounds, do clap or regular pushups, 2nd 4 rounds do jump squats, 3rd 4 rounds do situps, and the last 4 rounds are jump lunges.

Valentine’s Day Massacre

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A very lovely workout for a very special day. This is a 21-15-9 version of “Angie” type exercises, but there’s more. After every individual set (not each round, like XX was hoping for) there’s a little valentine! The total workout is close to an explosive half “Angie” with a half mile of running, 25 db deadlifts, and 25 ball slams. … Read More

DIY CrossFit PDX Shirts!

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Although we have nice official t-shirts and hoodies, Tani, Sarah and Alicia (the headband crew) decided to apply CrossFit’s DIY ethic to their clothing. These three CrossFitters have been working out with us for about two months and are super stoked. They’ve been hitting it HARD. Their enthusiasm is evidenced not only by their shirts but also the progress they’ve … Read More

Farmers Walks Around the Block

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Last Saturday was a beautiful day for farmers walks with nice and heavy dumbbells around the block. Spring is definitely in the air. What surprises await for this Saturday? Scott and I are cooking up something fun for sure. Looks like this is a piece of cake for Hannah!