Parkour Saturday

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Here is a quick video of some Parkour fun from the Wallace Park area in NW Portland. Great fun, and a very functional application of fitness. Nothing too fancy, but keep in mind that this was only the first or second time trying this stuff for any of us. We will be doing more of these in the future!

Friday Fun

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Team 6pm Friday night. Friday 7 am and 6 pm did the following team interval workout: 8 round races of Sprint 20m 3 pullups (clap if possible) 3 burpees 3 pushups 3 V ups rest as your partners run take a turn. Going very quickly between the exercises was the key to a good time. Here, Bill spins quickly between … Read More

Level 1

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As of Wednesday night, we have two new CrossFit Level 1s- Eric Zoerner and Jess Chang. Congratulations! The 7:30 pm Monday night class and 7:00 pm Friday night class will be limited to CF level 1 and above starting October 22nd. This will allow us to have classes of similar ability levels which will mean faster progress for everyone. Here … Read More

Back from San Diego

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We’re back from a great trip south. We both went to the Performance Weightlifting Cert in Fallbrook, CA. It was very well done, and both Rochelle and I came away with plenty of practical information. It was great fun, as well. If you are interested in Olympic Weightlifting, I’d recommend getting to one of these. Be prepared for lots of … Read More