Sandbag Construction

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The first of 40 mini sandbags is done. I spent a few hours in the sun on Friday, constructing mini sandbags that we will place into larger bags for various exercises. The 2 1/2 lb mini-bags will make the sandbag micro-adjustable to the exercise and person. A big job, but worth it! A great sandbag construction guide can be found … Read More

Level 2!

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Congratulations to Aaron Schmidt, who passed the final Level 2 challenge Tuesday morning. He did “Helen” in 9:14′. Strong work, and good luck on the next level!

“V” Sits

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The next progression from a “L” sit is the “V” sit. Jason does rounds of “V” sits for time instead of “L”s. Compress your knees to your chest as much as possible, then straighten them out into the V. Excellent flexibility will be crucial.

Debut of the Slosh Pipe

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Wednesday night, we wrapped up with a trial run at the slosh pipes. Unstable PVC pipes filled 2/3rds with water. Brutal. Team Zercher carries were on the menu tonight, following some Turkish half ups and planks. Afterward, we played around with them some – here Aaron gets an overhead squat with the beast.