Improving joint mobility

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Dynamic joint mobility exercise is an integral part of our program here at CrossFit Portland. These exercises should find their way into your daily routine for for the best result. The Intu-flow DVD series or Ageless Mobility from RMAX is a good starting point if you’d like to work on this more at home. If you have identified a trouble … Read More

CrossFit Total Saturday

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Congrats to all on some fine lifting! We saw many PRs, then after our session it was off for some much needed re-fueling… Jake – 1000, 5.0 (bw ratio) Jim – 1050, 4.7 Scott – 790, 4.61 Kyle – 815, 4.17 Wally – 585, 3.28 Sue – 360, 3.24 Bill – 530, 3.09

“L” Sits

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Tara, Jason, and Lisa display the “L” sit. All of them can perform easy 30 second+ holds. This exercise, borrowed from gymnastics, requires great core strength and stability. It also requires flexibility in the hamstrings. Many who attempt this are limited by poor flexibility. Do your range-of-motion work daily for best results. We will be working toward everyone having a … Read More


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For time: Row 2000m 50 Wallballs Row 1000m 35 Wallballs Row 500m 20 Wallballs We did the main WOD tonight (9-19), some completed it as a solo effort and some in team fashion. Get some!!