2+ Year Member Inductees – May 2013

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No one perseveres through an ice cream sandwich.

You may have noticed the wall of plaques dedicated to 2+ year current members at CrossFit Portland. It’s actually a 3D sterogram puzzle – focus on the big picture and the word PERSEVERANCE might pop out at you.

We believe anyone can elevate their fitness here at CrossFit Portland. However, only the few have gone the distance to climb their personal mountain for 2+ years!

Along the way, your views and perspective change. Just like climbing a mountain, you start to see the big picture around you and the forest through the trees.

First month, you are confused about a front squat versus a push press. You realize a class is not just 60 minutes of cardio. You certainly are not fond of burpees!

24 months in, you have breezed by the gentle hills and picked the low hanging fruit. Now, you work for 5 more lbs on your favorite lift. Your training becomes focused and less random in order to climb higher. Of course, Buck Furpees!

Even what you eat has been affected. Sugar and sweets use to control you. You get on the Paleo train and possibly enlist in multiple 30-Day all-or-nothing periods of yo-yo Paleo dieting. Finally, you settle into a comfortable ratio of more veggies-than-treats that you can live with.

This 2 year climb is never made alone. Along the way you’ll see like-minded folk who climb along with you – coaches and other members alike. Introduce yourself, share a drink, and instantly the journey gets easier.

There are many pitfalls to climb this mountain and perseverance is required when facing every one of them. It’s uncomfortable and only you can decide to keep moving up.

This May 2013, 3 such members have gone the distance and continue onward. I am honored to announce John Grant, Greg Hinzman, and Ryan Lawrence as the new 2+ Year Members of May 2013!

John Grant

Greg Hinzman

Ryan Lawrence

For those you that make the 2+ Year milestone, I salute you. In my book, it is an epic feat and when I witness it, it feels like the world’s greatest handshake.

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