2+ Year Member Inductees – June 2013

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“Full effort is full victory.” – by Gandhi, Mahatma.

Have you ever made lofty goals and got discouraged after one setback? Have you ever felt guilty for missing a training session when you realized the reason was just an excuse? Have you ever blamed others and later realized the problem is with yourself?

I bet every single member on the 2+ year wall has.

The 2+ year achievement is not about being perfect, making no mistakes, or never failing a lift. Perfect members learn nothing about themselves.

Our 2+ year members have gone an admirable distance and everyone does it by overcoming numerous distractions and fails along the way.

Distractions like something else that will always be easier/closer/cheaper or feelings of failure because you are afraid your goals are too difficult to achieve.

Your muscles contract because your brain signals them to. It all starts with mental effort.

Physical effort is no match for overcoming these distractions. It is a test of mental fortitude to battle doubts and stay focused on the task at hand.

You got to give both physical and mental effort, the full effort, to go the distance.

This June 2013, 3 such members have achieved full victory! I am honored to announce Colt Schafer, David Everson, and Jessica Mayer as new 2+ Year Members of June 2013!


David E

Jessica Mayer

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