2+ Year Member Inductees – September 2013

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I like things smooth and stable so I’m not a fan of change…but, change always comes. There are many changes occurring this month at CrossFit Portland.

Summer is on its last stretch and Fall is here. Our training focus has shifted towards strength and away from aerobic endurance. Our fellow Coach SW has announced he will be moving to LA by year’s end.

Some changes are definitely positive but many are just hurdles that will try to trip you up. They can become excuses to stop moving forward, to quit and give up right before the journey is completed.

All the members on the 2+ year member wall have adapted to changes at the gym and in their lives. They realize there will be hiccups along the way and you just have to keep rolling with what’s essential to yourself.

This September 2013, 2 such members have stuck through many changes and made it through. I am honored to announce Austin Trafficante and Sarah Irwin as new 2+ Year Members of September 2013!

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