2+ Year Member Inductees – April 2013

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Morgan Freeman Voice: “Geology is the study of time and pressure. That’s all it takes really…pressure…and time… (Shawshank Redemption)

When we first created the 2+ year member wall, I imagined Morgan’s voice narrating about Andy Dufresne making his breakout attempt from prison.

Why would I think that?

To any Shawshank fan, the moment of Andy’s triumph is so amazing because he didn’t have extremely good luck, nor super human powers, or a flash in the pan success.

It is amazing for the opposite reasons. Andy relied on simple mundane actions, performed everyday for so many days, to come through clean on the other side.

This is what our special wall is about – persistency, consistency, and staying the course.

Our wall also is not about your fitness abilities. Although a muscle up or a 400+ deadlift are certainly impressive and should be celebrated, can you show up, put in the work, and do it for 731 days?

In the world of fitness, many can squeeze themselves into a 30-day fitness makeover. The few will go the distance and put in 731 days of thought and intention towards training and reaching their physical potential.

I am super proud of the members that have made the mark and continue on. In our world of distractions, excuses, and the new 4-minute ab zapper thingy, I am blessed to know so many that have moved on from drive-through fitness.

I am extremely excited to see so many others who are well on their way as well!

This April 2013, 3 such members have gone the distance and continue onward. I am honored to announce Jennifer Rousseau, Aaron Burt, and Eric Meltzer as the new 2+ Year Members of April 2013. Well done!

Jennifer Rousseau

Aaron Burt

Eric Meltzer

April 2013 inductees, I wish Morgan Freeman could personally induct each of you into CFPDX history…until then, close your eyes, listen to his voice, and replace Andy’s name with yours.

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