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A. Split Jerk: work up to a heavy single. Then, do 3 x 1 rep @ 85% of today’s max. rest 2:30′.
5 rounds for time:
20 Knees to Elbows
20 Situps
20 sec L-Sit

10 sec Cobra to 10 sec Down dog
repeat 6 times

Remember the Pie and Art gallery shop across the street from us? Probably not, they closed, and a new business has moved in – The Portland’s Culinary Workshop. One of the super nice owners stopped by to introduce what they do, which turns out to be hands-on cooking classes that a paleo eater could really get into it. I see one class where they show you to use every part of a pig, from tail to snout. YES!

Check out their classes and if you purchase a class in the month of February with the coupon code “crossfit”, you get a 10% discount.

6 Comments on “Kitchen Learnin”

  1. Pigtails are best breaded and deep fried. That goes for the snout and ears too. Just an FYIzzle…

  2. Just make surer you singe the hair off of the ears. Otherwise, kinda gross. Everything but the oink.
    I ate one of the steaks that came with my beef order from Bald Hill. Mmmmmmmmeat! Anyone know where I can get goat and whole organic chicken?

  3. Madoc-
    The place where XX got his turkey at Thanksgiving also has goats and chickens.
    They also have monthly delivery available, if you have enough orders. Maybe we could set it up for the new space, if people are interested…
    Check it out:

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