Team 150 And Counting

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Pullup work

Teams of 2, each partner does ALL once, then switch:
50 Double-Unders/100 single skips
25 Knees to Elbows
30 Box Jumps 20″
35 Med Ball Toss Situps ~6-10lbs
25 Burpees
50 double Unders/100 single skips
Handstand skill work: practice
Wall Handstands
Handstand walking
Free Handstands
Frog Stands

Wrist Pushups x 10
1st Knuckle Pushups x 10 + 10sec

CrossFit Games Affiliate Challenge – Outline of Team rules for 2011

Everyone at CrossFit Portland can be on the affiliate team and contribute. Wait, how does that work??? Honestly, I’m not sure because many details are still missing. If you are curious, just visit the link above. Read comment #25 and what follows…its the best explanation of what’s going on so far.

The 6 weeks of Open Sectional workouts start in mid-March. Don’t be surprised if you have the option of doing the Open Sectional workout every week 🙂

14 Comments on “Team 150 And Counting”

  1. So is comment #25 correct? I didn’t have time to read through all the others. If so, it’s sort of screwy. But for the best hopes, Crossfit Portland will need at least 12 people to do the competition workouts over the six weeks, because if the top six qualify for individuals, we’d need six to take their place for team competition. Sound right, XX?

  2. HQ pretty much wants EVERYONE to sign up and be on a team “offical” or otherwise and participate.

    If your team has enough top placements week after week the team may qualify. If you personally have enough top placements, you may qualify as an individual and then pick if you want to compete on the team or alone.

    Gyms that have grooming a selected group of athletes to be “affiliate game contenders” are now going to up against teams of ENTIRE gyms.

    The goal is to make it a more ‘inclusive’ event, more people=more $$$, with the presumption the cream will rise to the top.

  3. It’s $20 for the entire team, no matter if its one person or not really trying to make more money.

  4. @brad – i’m pretty sure ANYONE from the gym can compete with the team if we qualify, regardless of whether they completed or even competed in the open (see comment #7)

  5. Ted, Comment #31 from Tony Budding adds more qualifications to Comment #7. You have to have done the workouts in the Open and reported them.

  6. XX – My understanding of comment #31 is that it only applies to the Open competition itself, ie if an athlete fails to complete any Open WOD then they are no longer active and thus don’t count for future weeks’ team scores. It doesn’t seem to me like this comment addresses who can/cannot compete at the regional competition once a team actually qualifies

  7. Agreed!

    They really need to have webcasts, before making announcements, where they invite a handful of gym owners to participate and get all the easy clarifications straight before they start posting things

  8. So if the gym has members who qualify, then the gym gets a team, and then the members can choose to compete as an individual or as a team. But I still am not clear, if a gym member does not do the workouts, but the gym qualifies for a team, can that person compete on the team not having done the workouts?

  9. Brad – it’s not exactly clear who can compete at regionals but I believe that is correct. The idea basically that our entire box is a “team” and anyone who competes for our team can help us qualify but once qualified it’s kind of a free for all in terms of who can represent us at regionals. Or at least it’s a free for all until they post the next round of cryptic information when the Open is over.

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