Brock Rocks!

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Announcement: In preparation for the move, please start to take your belongings home with you. This includes lost and found, WOD books, water bottles, and any other odds and ends. When the move happens (sometime in February) we will donate anything left behind to Goodwill. Did I mention that includes water bottles?

Pullup Work

A. Power Snatch: work up to a moderately heavy single.
30 Snatches/Power Snatches for time. 135/95lbs

Thread the Needle x 10 + 30 sec hold
Spinal Rocks x 30

I’m sad that this picture exists but happy I got to see Brock off for his finale workout at CrossFit Portland. Brock lives up in Vancouver, WA and is a skip away from CrossFit Fort Vancouver. He’ll be continuing his daily training and beating those younger at him, without the heart condition, in WODs up there. Brock’s impression on CrossFit Portland will live on in our hearts and minds, but especially our shins. Why shins? Most of the boxes for box jumps are handmade by Brock and if you ever missed a box jump, say Hi to Brock. Also, when we move, you can thank Brock for making the kettlebell/wallball shelf heavier than everything else in the gym put together. Brock the Builder does not cut corners. We’ll miss you, we’ll see you at potlucks, and drop a comment now and then!

22 Comments on “Brock Rocks!”

  1. Brock, Good luck!! Did you switch CrossFit Ft. Vancouver from CFPDX?

  2. Hello from Fuel & Body,

    Tabata(Row, Tire Strikes, Sit ups, and Tire jumps, Skaters) total= 42.3 πŸ™

    Tire strikes are easy for me to fast/harder. Also, I tried to flip big tire around 200, but FAILED then I tried to flip medium tire around 120lbs.

  3. Adios Brock. We go way back to onramp Jan. 09 dude! Good luck and hope to see you around. Tell Adam I said hi.

  4. Your enthusiasm and willingness to always help people is/was greatly appreciated!
    You have inspired a lot of people, you will be missed, Brock!

  5. Brock,
    It has been fun to see you get stronger over the last couple of years. Your planks and TGU still rule.

  6. Brock, we will miss you so much! You are one of the kindest and most inspirational people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at CFPDX. I always smile when I see your truck out front before a WOD. You will be missed!

  7. Brock, you were the first person to say hello to me when I came to CF Portland…I’ll miss you!

  8. You’re the man Brock! Take care buddy and keep in touch! You can carry more weight in a farmer walk than anyone!

  9. Love working out with you Brock, you dirty old man πŸ˜‰ I will miss you!

  10. Saturday classes at 9 o’brock, “Brock-tober” and spinal-brocks just won’t be the same anymore!

    Have fun at the green box!

  11. Good luck Brock! Your story and dedication are a constant source of inspiration at the gym.

  12. Thanks everyone. I’ll miss you, and look forward to seeing you at CFPDX events.

  13. Brock,

    Best wishes for your future exercise pursuits. Stay safe at work. You’ll be missed. I don’t think anyone has Turkish get-ups like you, and just like that shirt from the who’s who… you are awesome.

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