Xi Xia is out of ideas for a blog title…

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Submit potential post titles to comments by 6pm and we’ll put the best one up this evening by 6:30 PM

1) your choice 3 min warmup
2) Bar complex warmup
3) 2 rounds:
Ginga Lunge Stretch x 10 + 10 sec
Single Leg glute Bridge x 10 + 10 sec
Have knee elevated on 2nd round of Ginga!

5 rounds for load:
10 power Cleans
1 Push Press (bar to your back)
16 Walking Lunges (bar on back, lunge in place if space is an issue)
rest 3-5 min b/t rounds.

Death Stretch
Bench Bootstrappers x 10 + 10 sec

23 Comments on “Xi Xia is out of ideas for a blog title…”

  1. How about “Burnt out”
    (and I mean that in a good way, bc of all the work/hours that are going into the new place right now)

  2. or it could be “At least it is a PUSH press” in honor of the not so fun strict presses from last night. gross.

  3. I agree with Cory. “Welcome to Farm Roller-ville. Population – you” is genius.

  4. If I had known how I would feel today I might have suggested “Doin’ Da Butt.”

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