13.4 Strategy

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If you are comfortable with the weight and toes to bar.

The bulk of this workout will be the clean and jerks and grip endurance. Managing that will get you the most reps.

Lets say you are shooting for 90.

420 total seconds

9 transitions – 5 seconds per, 45 total seconds.

375 seconds left

45 T2B – 120 seconds.

Julie Foucher did T2B – 5, 9, 13, 19, 24 seconds = 70 seconds total on bar. That is only 1:10 of the 7 minutes dedicated to actually doing T2B. This does not include the breaks, chalking up, etc.

Cycle time (per rep) – 1 to 1.5 seconds, depending on how good you are at them.

A plan would be 3 unbroken (UB), 6 UB, 9 do 5/4, 12 do 5/4/3, 15 do as fast as you can to get to 90.

Total time, 60 to 90 seconds. Lets use 90 for worst case scenario.
Add in time for breaks – 30 seconds worst case scenario.

One of the best tips I’ve learned for T2B is from Carl Paioli. It’s in this post from last year, video is there.

255 seconds left (4:15)

45 clean and Jerks
Cycle time touch and go ( 2 to 3 seconds average)
Cycle time singles ( this varies greatly…4 to 10 seconds)

This is the bulk of the workout right here. How you manage the C&J setup the rest of the workout.

As you can see, you have plenty of time to do SINGLES for the bulk of the workout and still get to 90.

3 unbroken, 6 (3/3 or UB), 9 singles, 12 singles, 15 singles.
9 seconds, 16 seconds, 54 seconds, 72 seconds, 90 seconds. = 241 seconds.

Why do so many singles? Drastically improves your grip endurance. Holding the bar down to the ground takes grip endurance away.

Strategy – If the weight is heavy and/or Toes to Bar are hard

You won’t be nearly as tired during the 7 minutes. It’s more of a skill/strength, rather than a conditioning workout.

Focus your time and energy on execution and NO FAILED REPS. Going faster and constantly coming just short on either movement is just bad planning.

Grip can still be a factor. Break up the T2B into more conservative sets with short breaks. Go singles on C&J right away or right after the set of 3.

Strategy – If the weight is a max or a single Toes to Bar is a max

7 minute strength skill challenge! – Technique work on squat cleans and split jerks are in order.

For T2B, there is a trick to skin this cat! This came up last year and I made a video about it…scroll down to the bottom.

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