We welcome all traveling Crossfitters to join us for training! You can do 201 Classes or Open Gym.

201 CrossFit Classes

    1. Create your user account here.   A MUCH EASIER method is to use the “Mindbody Connect” App to sign up for your class!
    2. You must reserve your spot for CrossFit 201 class online.

Please choose from the following options.

      Single Drop In Pass, $25
      1 Week Unlimited, $75

Open Gym

This is for experienced trainees who are following their own individual program.

    1. Understand our Open Gym policies and equipment expectations, especially with our barbells.
    2. Create your user account here.
    3. You will reserve and pay for your Open Gym spot online before coming to the gym.
    4. *If you want to do Open Gym today, you will just sign up online for Tomorrow’s Open Gym and then you can come in today.
Xi XiaTraveling CrossFitter