Becoming A Member

Your first step as a member is to complete Jump Start classes and/or start personal training with one of our coaches.

As the first CrossFit gym in Oregon since 2005, we have a 10+ year  track record of helping members get fit.

Jump Start Classes

After Jump Start, you continue with CrossFit 201 classes.

The goal of CrossFit 201 is to teach you to be a well rounded and fit individual. We believe adhering to our Core Training Values is the best way to achieve this.

One of those values is purposeful programming. We design 8-12 week training blocks. In each block, we select a few movements to be the primary focus so we can heighten the potential for improvement.

Being well rounded does not mean training everything all the time. One of the common pitfalls of training is thinking you will not improve unless you train everything.

Classes are 60 minutes and average attendance is 8 members.

Your First 3 Years

So what do you get by becoming a member? Here are the first 3 years of progress you can make in our program.

Xi XiaGetting Started