For Your Own Good

 There is no big reveal. No secret exercise. This is how you stay healthy and capable for the rest of your life.

Prioritize Your Health

Your pants don’t fit anymore.

People say this is the defining moment when they realize something needs to change. You think you eat well and exercise. However, you are in your 30’s and have gained 15-20 lbs. It’s incredibly frustrating.

You can change this but only if you make health your top priority.

Find A Coach

Everyone says their coach is the best. In our experience, the best coach is the one you are motivated to train with. Find a coach you relate with!

Are we the right coaches for you? Well, in 10+ years we have motivated many members. If CrossFit Portland was a person, they would describe us like this.


It’s human behavior if offered $10 now or $100 in a year, we take the $10 now.   

There are many $10 gimmicks that promise weight loss and fitness in 30 days or less. We believe you are here because you know better.

Commit a year to staying focused on your health as the top priority.  You will be shocked at the transformation. The fitness and health habits you develop can set you up for long haul. 

Become A Member

As the first CrossFit gym in Oregon since 2005, we have a 10+ year  track record of helping members get fit.

Choose Jump Start or Personal Training to become a member.

Jump Start Classes

Jump Start is our new member preparation program. Go from feeling intimidated to being excited to train!

We value personal attention. This is why our classes are capped at only 5 students.

Another feature is the flexible length of Jump Start. You can take one week or as long as you like before moving into our intermediate classes.

We require an initial month commitment from new members. It takes 30 days to set new habits and is a small investment when you consider the big payoff in a year.

You can book your first class at anytime. This is opportunity to start now and not an excuse to delay further.

After Jump Start, Intermediate CrossFit 201 classes.

The goal of CrossFit 201 is to teach you to be a well rounded and fit individual. We believe adhering to our Strong Nerd Values is the best way to achieve this.

One of those values is deliberate programming.

Deliberate Programming is the careful sequencing of multiple workouts over weeks and months to produce a desired effect. Much like baking this cake.

It would be so much easier to throw together whatever ingredients strike our fancy but that would be a very different cake.

While gaining experience and fitness in the Intermediate program, you will also be introduced to our many other speciality programs like the Olympic Weightlifting, Strength, or Body Composition programs.

Classes are 60 minutes and average attendance is 8 members.

Your First 3 Years

So what do you get by becoming a member? Here are the first 3 years of progress you can make in our program.


New Member Fall Sale $159/Month
Unlimited Classes A Week
Open Gym Access
Weightlifting Class
Xi XiaGetting Started