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Crossfit is on ESPN, the news, weight loss programs (ahem a small reality tv show about weight loss), you name it, it’s probably been mentioned.

If you don’t know a lot about Crossfit and before you develop your own opinion about it, please approach it like you would with anything new.

Just like you would a new car, there are steps you would take to make sure you’re making the best educated decision possible.

1) Research – Read about it. Check out different box’s websites. A gym’s website can be telling of what the gym is like. Find one that appeals to you.

2) Ask people. Listen to the people who have actually done it.

3) Read up. Articles are all out there stating the Pros and Cons. Make your own opinion.

4) Don’t compare apples to oranges. Know that a Crossfit gym is NOT a globo gym. Crossfit is usually coach led classes; like group personal training. Expecting a $30/month membership is just not realistic.

5) Go for a test drive. Try it. Go to every box near you if you need to. Is the coach paying attention? Does the coach know of your past injuries? Are there 30 people in the same class or 12? Just remember every Crossfit gym is different because they are all individually owned. Find one that fits you and your goals.

So with these 5 steps in mind, and in the words of Lavar Burton, “You don’t have to take MY word for it.” Here are some articles to check out:

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Crossfit, the Good vs. the Bad.

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Weight Watchers article

If you’re looking for some inspiration, there’s also a Facebook Page called “Women of Crossfit = Strong“.
They have over 100K Followers.

It’s a page that shows transformations and posts inspiring stories from women doing Crossfit.

Here is one of hundreds of stories that they post!

I’m 2 months shy of my 48th birthday. I’m one month shy of the 13th anniversary of having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The day I was diagnosed, I was a 208# size 18 on a 5’3″ frame.

I knew then that if I wanted to grow old gracefully with a quality of life, I had to do something to make a change, so started making small dietary modifications and began just moving instead of sitting around.

Through the following 10 years, I stepped up my workout routines gradually, but still felt there was something more out there for me that I could do.

I was not “athletic” by any stretch of the imagination, but would drive by CrossFit CenTex in Belton and see what they were doing, and questioned myself if I could ever be brave enough to try it for myself.

I “triple dog dared” my friend to try it with me, and the rest is history. I was hooked from the first day, 01 November 2012.

The first picture is a before and during from January 2012 to July 2013. The second picture is one that I can prove I can scratch “compete in a cf competition” off of my bucket list. Wodapalooza was cathartic for me, and something I will never, ever forget!

Proof positive that one is never “too old”, “too unhealthy”, or “too unfit” to dare to dream to reach a goal, and then work hard to go get it.

*THANK YOU for letting me share my story!!!
~Lorena Hampton

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Jessica ChangJump Start into 2014!!!