Child Care

As parents who once had young children, we understand how hard it can be to find time for yourself to workout.

Our childcare is not-for-profit and our cost is based on yearly estimates of usage to cover staffing expenses. We offer staffed childcare to our members at a cost of $7.50 per session.

The minimum age for a child to use childcare is 6 weeks.

You, the parent or guardian, just need to register each child who will be in the child care room by using Crossfit Portland’s online system. You need to register by 9 PM the day before.

For each child, you’ll need to create their online account following the same steps as any other member here.

    1. On our website, Click on “Sign Up For Classes”.
    2. Upper right, click on “New users: Sign Up!” and create your child’s account.
    3. While logged in under your child’s account, purchase a Child Care pass.
    4. While logged in under your child’s account, register your child online for child care.

When you arrive at the gym with your child, you will need to sign a child care policy for each child. We have rules in place for the safety of your child and also our child care staff.

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