Straight Arm Frog Stand

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The next step after you have mastered the Frog Stand is to refine it so that you are doing it with straight arms. Having your arms straight will mean that your elbows will have considerably less support. This will require significantly more work from your core to hold the position. In addition, this will develop greater shoulder strength and wrist … Read More

Talha Gets Some Loft!

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Today’s 7:00pm workout was: How many rounds in 12 minutes? 6 hang power snatches 8 clap push-ups 10 jumping lunges. 5-7 minutes of rest, then 3×3 weighted pull-ups and 3×3 handstand push-ups. Today’s 6:00pm workout was: Five rounds for time of… Run 3 laps 15 squats 15 situps 15 push-ups Times in comments.

Muscle-Up Madness

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On December 27th, Rochelle and Aaron each got 3 sets of three muscle ups. Look where they are now! Nathan is never going to go on vacation again.