Eat More Fruits, Milk, Carbs…What?!?

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In July, we looked at why your metabolism may be low and the problems that could come from this. This month we’ll finally get to look at what you may be able to do about it. This is going to be a severe departure from the Paleo diet advice you’ve heard before. I will explore my thoughts after 10 years … Read More

Souper Delish!

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This Nicaraguan soup makes a good post training meal with the addition of some lean protein on the side. A batch of this may last you for most of the week if you choose to use it this way. Otherwise, it’s damn yummy anytime! Sweet Potato and Plantain Soup Time: 30 minutes • 1 small sweet potato or yam, about … Read More

Rainbow Hash

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I have been writing recipes for the Performance Menu magazine for as long as I’ve been running the gym – over 8 years now. The following recipe seems to be one of the all-time favorites, so check it out here. If you have this for breakfast, have some yams or fruit on the side!

CrossFit Portland Favorites: The Cultured Caveman

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Remember: All FED Paleo Food orders need to be in before Sunday of this week. Food delivered Monday, 5PM. Order online! We know eating for maximum nutrition is best when cooked at home, but it’s often hard to find quick, healthy, and affordable Paleo Diet takeout food. Enter the Cultured Cavemen. This is one of our favorite places in Portland … Read More