Competition Program 2.0 – Revised For Your Pleasure

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We’ve received a GREAT response to last week’s post about a competition program! From the feedback, we are going to implement the program in a whole new way. Main goal of the competition program: Provide additional volume/intensity and skill work that Crossfit competitors need and have ALL MEMBERS train together. The Competition Program will be layered on top of the … Read More

Cory Has New Ideas For Child Protective Services

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As a long-time member of Crossfit Portland, I have come to appreciate how important our Childcare services are and the amazing people who watch our kids while I’m crushing WODs while wearing some shirt that is equal parts hilarious and fabulous. Maybe you use Childcare; maybe you don’t… Maybe you’re sitting here reading this wondering why you should contribute to … Read More

2+ Year Member Inductees – April 2013

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Morgan Freeman Voice: “Geology is the study of time and pressure. That’s all it takes really…pressure…and time… (Shawshank Redemption) When we first created the 2+ year member wall, I imagined Morgan’s voice narrating about Andy Dufresne making his breakout attempt from prison. Why would I think that? To any Shawshank fan, the moment of Andy’s triumph is so amazing because … Read More

Workouts of the Week – Going Long Test / Week 1 of 17

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WOW – Workouts of the Week This is testing week for the next block. We start testing on Monday and if you miss it, you will do the test when you do come in for class. Monday Priority 1 Warm Up 1) Run Seq + Inchworms, Sampson Lunge hold 2) Warm up specific movements WOD Block 1/week 1 of 17 … Read More