Tire Flipping Happy

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3 Rounds With a partner, 15 Tire Flips + Burpee. Just flip it back and forth to each other! Traverse obstacle course, 2x with each of the following holds 1) Farmers walk kettlebells 2) Cross walk kettlebells 3) Overhead walk kettlebells 4) Clubbell in Order position 5) Pinch grip plates Remember, no classes on Monday. Enjoy your weekend! Welcome to … Read More

Special Friday Class and Weekend Schedule

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Just a quick reminder that we will be having a special 6pm class today to help kick off your Labor Day weekend! Also, NO classes this Saturday or Monday. We’ll see you all Tuesday! Have a great weekend.


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Angie – as prescribed would be 100 Pull Ups 100 Push Ups 100 Sit Ups 100 Squats This workout can easily be modified with less volume (20, 50, 75 reps) or different versions of the movements (ring rows instead of pull ups). A mistake I often see is someone jumps into this and does too much and is sore for … Read More

Gymnastics And Tumbling Class

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Last night was our first official Gymastics and Tumbling class taught by Ramman. In the past, we’ve played around with handstands, gymnastics holds, and various skills on the rings. Those days have always been fun and a much different challenge than just pumping out more reps in an intense workout. As much as we love a good hard metcon, we … Read More