Our gym will teach you what you couldn’t do before.

From learning to do your first push up, first chin up, dips at age 70, a muscle up, and a core stronger than an ox, we want you to do things you couldn’t do before.

Weight loss and better health are nice bonuses that come along with the training too!


We offer All-Day Open Gym Memberships for experienced athletes.

Open Gym Membership

No Gym Required


What you eat and how you live everyday is way more important than going to the gym.

We are happy to show you how to be healthy and lose weight without a gym. Read this introduction or if you prefer to discuss, give us a call!

I am a Vietnam combat veteran and I have PTSD. Blue Ox builds great bodies and sounds minds. They don’t know they save lives. But I do.Dave
Several pair of size-2 slacks were in the pile (I wear a comfortable size 4), so I thought I’d try them on just for laughs. I’ll be damned … they fit.Tami
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